About us

We have an ambition to become the top in the world over

      SCCHHF was founded in 1999 as a manufacturer of high quality headwork,diverter and thermostatic cartridge in China on the basis of its experience and technology.SCCHHF was proud of the latest technological advance with finest processing facilities which enables to produce the headwork which can bearing high water pressure and long life cycle.

      We are the best brand & the best quality in China.It is ont only our slogan but also evaluation from the market.We only work for this reputation during our history and now we get this fame from our customers in the worls.

      With this founddation,we will geow up more and more to be professional company and leader of faucet valve technology.Finally,we will make our customer’s dream come true for developing of society and human beinge.

Production Line

Main Machining

For the best quality and productivity,we use the automatic precision machine to manufactre the brass parts of thermostatic cartridge and Headworks.
1) CNC Machine / 28 sets
2) Automatic Hydraulic M / C / 8 sets
3) Meter Lathe / 45 sets
4) Punching M/C 2 sets
5) Others / 15 sets

100% Testing System

For the perfect quality assurance,we check and test uqality in every line and parts but finally we test 100% by precision test machine after assembling.We believe it is the first step for the best quality and best brand.

Office & Assembling & warehouse

Office & Assembling & warehouse line with many skilled workers and continuous education & management for assembling.Based on Iso system,we trying our best in pursuit of the best quality and productivity.

Company History

Greeting & history


SCCHHF headworks,with overe several million units sold yearly,are the products which are popular world

wide.SCCHHF headworks stand for a long operating life and smooth opertion.Precise brass Processing and the high-quality seal and unt


One of our new items, Diverter used can be selected to satisfy each customerí»s specific requirement,

which makes it easier to obtain controlling for the complete faucet.

Thermostatic Cartridge

The new S.C.C Thermostatic cartridge is assembled by the very delicate sensor and finely wrought brass parts,

so only this one can react such tiny changes in temperature

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